December 2019

The very best champagne bars London has to offer manage to blend character, aesthetic beauty and a high-quality drinks selection. It is precisely this combination that helps to make the Champagne Bar in Central London, situated at Threadneedles Hotel, an attractive proposition for travellers and locals alike.

The Champagne Bar forms part of the Wheeler’s of St. James’s; a modern European restaurant, with a menu conceived by the legendary British chef, Marco Pierre White.

One of the features that makes the Champagne Bar London so unique is its location, because Threadneedles Hotel itself is located within an old bank building, which date back to the 1850s. The current bar occupies the area that was once the main banking counter and this, combined with art deco-style furnishings, allows it to make an instant impact.

Food & Drink Selection
Although the Champagne Bar in Central London is going to primarily appeal to wine and champagne lovers, it is important to understand the full range of food and drink selection available. Whether you are seeking a light lunch, a nice dinner, a casual beer, fun cocktails or a more sophisticated evening of champagne drinking, you will find options that suit.

The full drinks menu is available here. Meanwhile, like many of the best champagne bars London is home to, the Threadneedles Hotel Champagne Bar is attached to a restaurant. Wheeler’s of St. James’s serves a variety of signature dishes from Marco Pierre White, while some more informal food options can be eaten in the bar or the dome lounge.

Atmosphere & Mood
Ultimately, the unique setting and stunning architecture - including a breath-taking stained-glass dome ceiling - go a long way towards giving Threadneedles Hotel’s Champagne Bar a genuine claim to being the best champagne bar London has to offer. Furthermore, the laid-back mood and ambience of Wheeler’s restaurant provides the perfect setting for relaxed conversation.

Whether you are meeting friends, looking to impress a date, celebrating an occasion, or arranging a business meeting, the Champagne Bar at Threadneedles Hotel in central London is the ideal setting, so plan your visit today!